The Game of Life Examine App

Good, but old version is better

I absolutely love this game but I like the old version a lot better. The only thing in the updated version is the pegs(which I don’t really like) It is still fun but I don’t like how you have to have WiFi to play, or some other internet connection. In the other version, you could play it wherever, whenever. This game is still amazingly fun and awesome, but the update was not very necessary.


It’s fun in all but takes forever to load but I miss the old verison when they used people please make those again

Miss the old version

Old versus was da bonmb

Horrible Game

I love the game of life but this version is terrible. Why did they ruin a classic game by making it so politically correct. Don’t get this game if you are looking for the true classic version like it used to be.

Great Game, Nostalgic Vibes!

Played this game with my husband. We we’re bored had nothing to do and I just asked if he’d be interested. Immediately we jumped in and had a great time. He downloaded the app to his device and we are definitely going to keep playing. Love this game. The original pegs allows for traditional feel and the option to choose gender and spouse is a plus nowadays. Great work! Great graphics.

Having a great time

I am having a great time with this new version. I think it is well worth the three dollar fee. Graphics make the game a lot of fun and the ability to play online players adds to the excitement. I want downfall is that I do miss the old pieces. Some of the negatives: limited free pieces, the “option” of buying a home, and the modern marriage concept.

really fun

i think this app is really great. it is really worth the money. you can play with someone else, or a computer generated person. if you ever get bored you can play an actual game. so fun, totally recommend it!


The game is pretty good. I haven’t had any glitches or anything, but I wish there were more of the little games and they came up more often. That’s the best part. Good overall though.

Such a waste of money. Don't buy it

The game is OKAY, but what really pisses me off are its micro transactions. We paid for the game and on top of that we need to pay more for just skins and to unlock different features? Like come on, when you charge this much for a mobile game st least give everything instead of removing content and charging your customers for it.

I liked the old version

The old version was better because you could personalize your characters and you had the chance to play with more people (and more colors). The fancy updated board is nice but I prefer the simple old board that’s pretty much the same as the actual game. The new thing where you have to tap the money to pay is annoying, also the “action spaces” are annoying because you get the same things most of the time. The spinner is too sensitive, and it’s hard to spin... I want the old version back

In app purchases

When I first bought this game and started playing it was pretty fun, but then I reloaded to really boost the way you play the game you needed in app purchases. After spending money buying the game I thought I would get the whole game but there was a hole in the game. Don’t buy unless your willing to continue the purchases.


Nice concept

Amazing Game!?

Yes, I think so! I have seen some YouTubers playing this game (like JeromeASF) he looks like he’s having so much fun! So I decided to check the game out and it’s awesome!


Very good

Glitchy as hell

Online game glitches all the time. So stupid. Don’t waste your money.

Amazing game


Very disappointed

You would think with a new app, there would be a ton of cool new features. Naw, this is dumbed down version of my favorite game. I get to choose from 2 icons without shelling a ton of money. I’m pretty upset.


I think that the games are very unnecessary but otherwise the game is Fantastic .

Game of Life.

This game is absolutely addicting!!

I like it, but customization...

I’ve always wanted to play Life. No one in real life ever wants to play, so I bought the mobile game. I’ve played 2-3 games and I like it. However I wish there were was to customize your character, or the original way the game was that others mentioned. Give you the option but I’ll keep playing because it’s fun regardless


The app crashes and it says lost connection even though I have internet service. This makes me lose my place. Also it keeps logging me off Face book! This shouldn't be happening please fix this

So confused

I liked the old version so much!why change ?

The game of life

The game of life is realistic it has realistic cars it has realistic babies and I babies look so real I want to kiss them and there are but you should get my point ok so buy this app

Classic Version Was Way Better

I bought this because the classic version is no longer available and was expecting a good game and honestly I was disappointed. I hate the mini games and action cards. Plus the board is super short and even though you bought the game they still have a bunch of purchases to make the game a bit better. Honestly bring back the Classic EA version.

It's ok....

It is ok, the board game is way better. When you play it for a while it just gets boring. Then they make you buy new themes to make it interesting. But really it is just the same as the original one you start out with. It is kind of a disappointment because it's EXACTLY like the board game. There is nothing different except you can play by your self with the computer.

Liked the old version

In the old version, it was mandatory to buy a house. Now, you only get a house if you land on one of the few house spaces. I personally think the game would be better if it was still mandatory to buy a house. Overall though, it’s a great game.

Please bring back the old version

I am not so sure why this game has such a high rating since it is nothing like the original board game at all. The older version was the better of the two. I also don’t understand why you had to mess with a game that was doing perfectly fine. I want the other game back. This one is utter garbage, including the mini games.

Extremely Buggy App!!

I tried playing 3 times and each time, it bugs out and freezes. For example, when I got to Church to get married, it would freeze on that screen. Wasted $2.99 and couldn’t even complete a single game. Couldn’t even play half the game since it bugged out towards the beginning. I want a Full Refund asap!

Waste of $3

Takes away from the classic version of the game. Also didn’t need to have it allow you to choose whether you want to be homosexual or not. Was that really necessary?

Love This Virtual Game!!!

I love this app it is exactly like the Game Of Life. The graphics are really good and it makes a whole new perspective to the original game. It is better if you play by your self. But overall it is a really good virtual game! Totally worth the cost. And addictive and great time killer.

Game is constantly “Waiting...”

I’ve tried to play this game with friends who have strong WiFi connections and was kicked off the app or was given a “waiting...” screen three separate times.

Super fun!

Love the Halloween addition. I always beat my mom but today she won😍😀


I love that there’s an app for this game. The only thing I wish is that it wasn’t 2.99.


Fun way to kill some time

Love the game of life

I really like the new version of the game of life. It is so awesome.

Terrible update

This is such a bad take on the game of “Life”. The mini games make no sense. You can’t tell what gender of baby you get when you land on a baby space. I couldn’t even make it through 1 game. Can’t believe I paid for this - they NEVER should’ve changed it. Total waste of money!!!


This game is great and you should buy it it have an app purchases but it will be fine

it could be an amazing game

1) TOO FAST , Please slow it down I need time to actually read the words and look at all the beautiful details of the game! 2) TOO MUCH GOING ON , I wish the pegs didn’t have so many accessories !!! I need a more simple feel of the game because it makes it much more fun. 3) OLD VERSION , I remember in the old version of the game you would zoom in on characters and make things like marriage and getting a baby 👶 such a fun mini experience ... I loved the version closer to board game version ❤️❤️🤩 4) IDEAAAAAAAA : have different version choices,! One close to the board game and one your own version I have played this app ever since it first was on the App Store . I wish I could be on the team editing this game it looks amazingly fun. I can see all the work you have put into it thank you ❤️❤️❤️


I feel with having to initially purchase the game, that the add-ons should be cheaper. Probably more to do with the brand than iTunes but still crappy.

It’s not as expected

I personally love to watch people play this game on YouTube but when I got it, it wasn’t as I thought it would be, so when I played it and didn’t like it I was confused, I give it 4 stars because when I watch people play it it is amazing but I guess I’m not the kind of person to play the game, witch is ok, i recommend this game anyway

I love it!♥️

I absolutely love this game! It is so fun and is easy to play and great for on the go. I love this game in general and has multiple settings. I give this a 5 star rating.

Needs More

After having to repurchase Life I am very disappointed. The game lacks features and is full of inapp purchases. It still doesn’t have the same fun dynamics that the true board game holds. I’m still not sure why they didn’t make it more like the board game; especially the options to play the market and steal the win of the game at the end (by placing your piece on one of ten numbers and trying to spin it). It’s just lackluster and annoying that there are so little free features... especially after I’ve bought it twice now.

Loved it

Rely good

Baby genders

There’s a bug that when you get a male baby spot, you end up giving birth to a girl instead and visa versa

Gooooddd game

Seriously addicting!

I lost

I lost and now I sad

Make millionaire estates like a real one

It's good but they should add more to it to make it look more like a millionaire home

Kind of stinks

I miss the old version where it was like the actual board game


Game doesn’t work. Doesn’t respond to anything. Broken. Waste of money,

Why can’t I play the game?

Whenever I click the app it shows me the Hasbro logo and then it just brings me back to my home screen. This may be a bug and I would appreciate it if it was fixed!

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