The Game of Life Examine App

The best app Cause do you don’t really have to spin the thing

Do you want to spend nothing like it was a handful it’s very easy because the people don’t Half to say all man I Lost

Game of life is awesome

This version of life is way better then the boardgame😁

Best game I have played so far

Everyone has opinions. My opinion is that I enjoy this game a lot and especially playing with my kids!

Great game,but...

I’m having serious issues in online games. No matter how strong my WiFi signal is, I get disconnected all the time in the middle of a game. I’ve even tried using data and STILL I get disconnected. How does that even happen?!

Not the real game!

I think you should really consider putting in more original parts of the game

Four stars

Gets four stars because it’s a lot of money that’s why didn’t get five stars but the reason I get four stars because it’s a lot of fun I like how you took the money and stuff I recommend it


Worth the $3 💯

Make it more useful

Like you have to get a job if it’s called the game of life then why isn’t it like real life. I saw the other reviews and one of them said they used to look like humans and that would be good. Why do you have to have a job like why can’t there be there be a stay at home mom/dad. When the other person is playing why can’t you go in your house while the person is playing unless she/he lands on a game or where everyone has to spin (for online only). Why can’t you experience the marriage like it’s like a 360* camera and your getting married and also experience college graduation. Este juego es muy loca si no me entiendes mi preguntas! Por, Sassy Katrina


I can’t think of even bad stuff so GOOD DOG

I recommend this app

This app was worth spending my $ on. I love the board game and this way I can play while on vacation road trips too :)

To buggy to even use

I never played a full game with this app. It would bug out and shut down halfway through a game every single time. I tried on LTE and multiple different WiFi providers with the same result. Save your money and time!! Don’t purchase this game. I wish I could get my money back. Lucky it wasn’t much. But still a ripoff.

Yup it’s the game


So good!

Me and my mom love this game! I really recommend it. It is fun and goes quickly.


I can’t even use my board anymore


The original is better. I hate this one. (I should have transferred my old iPads memory into this iPad so I still had the old one before my old one was thrown away). I wish I could rate this -999 stars.

Force close

This game is great until it force closes and you’re in the middle of a game and can’t go back to where you left off and have to start all over again, even when playing with friends and not random opponents.


I love this game so much I just wish I could be able to play my own music while playing it on my phone.


Woah this game got me dying I love doing it over and over and over again and nice thinking of makings this game👍🏼😃

I love this game

First of all I’m not writing a review to complain I just have a new idea for the versions I would like it if they had a version where you could have pets would be so fun and I’m not complaining that it’s not fun already it’s super fun already sometimes when I’m going on long road trips I play this game to pass the time it’s amazing and it would be really amazing if there were pets 🐶

Nothing is good anymore

This is the first review I’ve ever done for an App, and I’ve been using the App Store for almost 10+ years. I was so unhappy that I took the time to write this review. I use to have the original Game of LIFE for my iPod Touch years ago and it was similar to the original physical board game. I just spent about 15~20 playing this version and it was absolutely horrible. The game board is nothing like the original board, everything seems overcrowded. The money system is also very different, players are given a much larger amount of money. Third and most upsetting to me is the fact that I can only use the default icon and car for my character. Anything else you must pay to have. I never thought something like this would happen to mobile gaming. I understand paying for larger features, but there’s nothing special about the purchases offered in this game. I already had to pay $2.99 for the game and now I have to pay more just to have a different appearance in the game? Nothing will be as good as the old Version. All they care about is making you pay for addition features that should already be free. If you enjoy playing The Game of LIFE as much as I do, please, PLEASE do not buy this game.


Everything is amazing in this game!!!!!


I love this game. The computer one has better graphics but it’s still fun to play.

Game of life

I loved it and it was cute but it went fast.

Great, but.....waiting

I absolutely love this game and the features it has. I think that having different maps and vehicles you can choose to play with is super fun, but one problem. I was playing in an online game where one of the players wasn't collecting their cash, so we couldn't keep playing until they collected it. I waited for at least 5 min and then I left. this was really upsetting though because I was in the lead and had A TON of money. I hope there can be a feature where if you aren't active for so long a computer player takes over, because the waiting sometimes just gets to be too long


It’s a great game! I absolutely love it! I wish there was actual people though instead of pegs but I do recommend it!


The new version is great I would recommend this game especially when you are board. Also, that is great you can also play by yourself, there is not a lot of games you can play by yourself.It is Super Fun😍

Bring the old game back!

Just like the title says! The new game is completely different. Others players can spin and win on your turn. I’m all for careers and having to pay that person but this new version is just to much.

iOS 12

Please update for support for iPhone X/XS/XS Max


This game sufks my butt hahaha

Plz update

I luv this game and have been playing it for yrs on my phone and using the board game, but can u plz make some adjustments. · allow cars to expand to an 8 passenger car to fit 6 children(many times I have had more than 4 kids in this game but I can't see them in my car. · design our own pawns instead of the normal blue or pink. I don't want to spend $3 costume in a game Thx!!!!

Miss the old version but this is ok

I miss the old version of the game of life but this one is pretty fun especially with all the cool maps and colors

Played this With My Kids🎶🎶🎶

This is a different game. It’s in a country ruled by an evil dictator named AI. Virtually everything that happens is a reward for AI, even your turn! I was a brain surgeon. By the third turn I had 300,000 and the AI was closing in on a mill, most of which he picked up on my turns. I will say the game is nicely designed and runs smoothly but the music needs to be euthanized with the programmers. Ho-hum. I’d rather play against my kids back when they didn’t know how to cheat.

Amazing, fun game!

This game is so much fun to play! Like the one we all played as kids but with new twists for the digital version!

Remember this game

I really enjoy this game when I was a kid and now as an adult! The game of Life has bring back many fond memories, great vivid colors and love this classic version brought to the new technology.

I don’t like this version

I don’t like anything about it.I miss the old version. I liked when your characters looked like people.

Miss old game

I miss the old version. Idk if i will even continue to play. The mini games are dumb and if they wanted to make it more like the board game this aint it honey

Love it

Love the old version but love the new version.



Glitches in Online Mode

It says I'm not connected, when I clearly have internet. It's obnoxious. Otherwise great, good graphics

Could be a lot better for 3$

There’s only like 5 careers to choose from in the full game not the fast pace version and the game keeps saying I lose connection for no reason and quits the whole game that I’m in.

Awesome I’m obsessed

I literally can not stop playing this is my new favorite app right now and I love the board game too! I am rating it a 5!

Get rid of the minigames

The new game is over complicated and not as fun as the original


I was sooo excited to play this game !! :( it glitches so much and takes forever to load. Waste of $2 really.

Good but I accidentally got it

Hey I bought it on accident so I went ahead and played it for a little bit it was really fun but can I please have my money make apple or game Company.



Best game ever!!!!😀

🤩O.M.G BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! But I wish you could play together on multiple devices 😕 But otherwise.....BEST GAME EVER 😀 Thank you 😊 (And yes,I love emojis 😋)

Game crashes

Game crashes. Randomly closes out.


This is an amazing game that’s almost an exact remake of the board game. It’s amazing keep up the good work.

Playing against computer

Horrible just rubbish 😡😡😡😡 !!! When you play against the computer it cheats I hate it so much. So if you are going to play against the computer then don’t expect to win.

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