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Love the app. I always play w. My 5 yo & 8 yo. recently the game started acting up. When we tap the app it just automatically exits us out. I’ve updated the iPad & also tried to see if the app needed updates. Please advise

Life by marmalade

Very well planned out game of life with twists not found in the original board game or wii version. It's bright funny, and the changing themes keep it fresh. I do love the additional purchases that can be made to customize the game to your liking. However, if you choose not to, nothing is lost in game playing ability. That is key to any well made pay for upgrade game. Love the game and the talents that went into it, good job marmalade!

Hello Game of Life creators!

I gave this a 5 star because I first started watching videos about your game. Then a couple weeks later I downloaded the game. When I played it I got addicted, so then I started playing over 3 rounds a day. Your game is really fun, I have to admit that.

Best game ever

Really good graphics are in this game and it really depicts life.

Definitely NOT like the actually board game

I hate all of the mini games you have to play. What happened to “Win Nobel Prize Collect $$$$$$). Simple. This was a waste.


So much like the pc game worth every cent

It’s so fun for friends and fam!



Love board games that are actually like the board games. 5/5


Love the game but the pegs aren’t fun. Have people shaped pegs if you want but something that relates to people. It’s the Game of “Life” not Pegs. The other more modern updates are great.


Multiplayer constantly crashes

Freezes up

Total crap programming. Freezes up 5 minutes after you start. Garbage!!!!

Fun, but limited without more money.

I enjoy the game, but the features are extremely limited. You only get a couple avatars, only one board, only one vehicle. Oh sure, you can get more, but it’ll cost you. Not a fan of having to pay for every little thing.

Love it!

I think this is a super fun game! I wish it wouldn't kick me off if I swap screens!


I’ve never played a full game. I usually never even get to my turn before the game crashes on me

Good game

The game of life is a good game dont get me wrong it is just the fact that it needs some pretty good internet

Interrupts music

I have had this game for a while, but I recently started playing on my commute to work, and multiple times this game stops whatever In am listening to. When I start up the app, when the game starts, when a mini game starts and ends, and even when I close the app itself. Why does this app dibtjings that takes control of my music? Very annoying!


This is my favorite board game that I can play on my iPad! (And my favorite game of all my games) It is so fun! I can not stop playing this game!

Fun, sorta..

This is way more than I expected! It is a fun, almost 3D game. There’s only one problem though, you have to pay for more game types/scenes, player icons, vehicles, and etc.. I thought that this would be included in the $3.00 that I paid🙄.

Good time passer

I'm sick and this took my mind off of it. And I won most of the time. So I'm happy. Great app and game.

Preferred the Old Version

I miss having my character look like humans do. The game updated to pegs to “be more like the current board game”, but I would rather personalize a person than a peg. Also, being a female, I noticed that the computers only play as male. It’s alright until you play 100x over and it never changes. The new version has some okay-ish mini games. However, the #1 thing I miss from the old version was feeling like I actually loved the game. I feel like this is almost Mario party with rewards and mini games. I miss the steps of choosing a house and going down a risky road and possibly loosing it. Or having (like another reviewer suggested) the risky road have accidental children instead of always just taking 100k. I miss the album at the end making me feel like my life just ended. I want my character to age, not some peg to drive multiple vehicles and then retire. All in all... I prefer the old version, but will continue to play this because I have nothing better to do.

Board game is better

But it’s life

Love it

I play this on my dads computer but he is usually using it so we don't get to play it but after I got this I can play it any time I want and it's just so amazing and there are rarely ANY ads.


I have an iPhone 6sPlus and for $3 I’m not happy. The game takes forever to load, it stops/glitches during the game and it makes it not fun having to start a new game every time hoping it doesn’t glitch.

Game of Life

This a cool game and very fun. Although it’s not the actual bored game it’s still just as fun if not better because of the graphics, music and words


I am glad that somethings went but yes it would be cool if there was like a midlife crisis and I have the board game and you can get vacation I wish they put that in this new one and it would be cool if it was more with your job and I wish that you didn’t have to pay to get different scenes like after you play or get to like a certain level you get a new on but buying the game it’s self is a good idea but I just wish that to get more stuff I had to pay more, because I payed $3 for the game not wanting to pay like $30 to get everything! But otherwise I like it!!

It isn’t fun at all

This game isn’t fun,more then half of the time your waiting on the other players and the cards you get don’t even make it fun it’s just plain boring and confusing.


This game is really fun definitely recommend this game is great for if your bored

Best game ever

This game is now my favorite game. You can play with four people at the most. Or if your by yourself you can play with the computer. I love how it’s follows the rules how it’s supposed to, and how it is awesome. Some people think that board games are boring but if you like to play on your device you would love life. It would be your favorite game to play. Thats why I think you should get The app life.

Well done!... except...

They should have a way to play locally without having to go thru Facebook for people who are not in Facebook... like children.... something like what exploding kittens has that gives you a code so you can play against your friends and family.

I won my first game


Great game.

I play everyday


So I know that this is a bit late but why did you get rid of being able to choose your own house not pick cards for houses the other way made the game better and more fun to play with other players because you would actually have the competition one beating other players to the house that they wanted and so did you

Great Game

I’m really enjoying this game and I love it. My only complaint would be to allow people to listen to their own music while playing. I like to put my headphones on and relax and play the game while listening to music and I’m unable to do that in this version of the game. Other than that I love this updated version of the game.




Pretty good app just when I tried to play with my brother I accidentally logged into the wrong Facebook account on the game so I tried deleting the app and re getting it to log in to the right Facebook account but when i tried it said you are already loved in as so and so so I can’t figure how to log into the correct account

Fun little diversion

This is a good diversion for family fun even though you have to pay extra. I play it all the time with my kids.

Wow, can be expensive

I had paid the $2.99 to download Life, only to see later, that if want the all and future worlds/expansions of the game, it’s a whopping $19.99, and that’s at a 50% discounted price! So, yeah, I am disappointed in that, since the worlds/expansions are expensive on their own for $3.99 each, or more. otherwise I wouldn’t have downloaded. Also, be weary when playing online, since myself, and other reviewers have been kicked off of games when winning the game. The one plus, is they let you do same sex marriages and have kids. Oh, and there isn’t any packs for $.99 like advertised.

Love this game

Just like the original one but a lot more too it !! Definitely worth the purchase

Enjoy this game

I really enjoy the classic board game, but I rarely get to play. That’s why I enjoyed this game, although I liked the free version they had a while ago just the same. I feel like some of the newer features should be free and that players should communicate with more than just emotes, but overall, the game is fun and I like the new mini games and animations. I’ve won every game I’ve played!

So Many Bugs

I love the game of life, it has always been one of my favorite board games; but no one ever wants to play it with me. So when I saw this game I got really excited! The single player is fine, I always win so it is a little boring. The online side may as well be unplayable. It disconnects either you or everyone else in the game before finishing. So your either playing with bots that are too easy or your the one that disconnected. I have played probably 10-15 rounds in the last two days of the online game -(in different locations with WiFi and cellular having the same result, it’s not the internet connection causing this)- and I have not been able to complete a single one. There were two that I did not get kicked from, but in both cases everyone else was kicked so I was basically playing the easy boring single player. On top of that, if say your phones low battery warning pops up, or your phone locks while your waiting for your turn, or you quickly reply to a text then go back into the game, it acts like it will reconnect you but doesn’t. If your phone locks or the low battery symbol pops up, the game goes into the options menu while still in the round... which would be fine if it didn’t then make all buttons un-clickable, you cannot press resume or main menu. The game is not frozen, you can move the sound dials just fine, but not the buttons. If leave the game screen to check anything else on your phone: It will tell you it’s connection/waiting, then tell you it’s waiting for a players turn to end, then looks like it might just let you back into the round, but stays stuck on that screen with no menus or anything. Sat on that screen for 5 min before giving up. ——— I really hope they fix the online mode, it would be such an amazing game if they just made it functional!


Super fun for the family!!!!!


I love this game so much! It is the most amazing game ever! The only thing I think I could change about it is being a better player! I mean my five year-old sister won against me a 17 year old girl...


Go game

Fun.... BUT

You’ll have to pay for extras. You’ll have full access to the regular game though.



CheeseBurger Gaming



I love this game. However I feel that it is not worth paying. This is one of my favorite board games. Electronically isn’t as fun. Fun when you are bored though!


It had everything but some bad things but good

Very disappointing!!!!!!!

This is not like the board game or the other Game of Life app (which was much better than this), and is missing the elements of the real game— which makes this a huge disappointment. The mini-games are dumb. You have to constantly tap the screen to get your money. We liked the other Game of Life app much better. It was not worth it. Save your money.


Awesome game found it at my party and played it eversince good game I’ll give it a five outa five

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