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I absolutely love this game. It's just like playing the board game, other than the mini games. I found this game by watching a play through of it on Aphmau's channel. But anyway, love this game!!!

Crashes often

Love the game but it crashes at least once every time I play

Decent game with technical issues

I’ve always love the game of life and I used to have the old app as well as the board game. Unfortunately this game has so many technical issues. For example, whenever me and the two computers in local mode spin to see who goes first I always go last even when my spins are higher than one or two of the computer players. Also, sometimes, the computers randomly get to spin and move twice without having a stop sign. In addition, I was disappointed to find out that you have to buy so much in app despite paying for the app in the first place.


It is just like the board game, so I can even play it in the car!!

For the extra a bit much

Just a bit to pricey for the extra content


Supa fun

Recommended revision

My girlfriend and I like to play this when we’re not together. However, we both are very busy so we would like the option to pause or walk away from it and pick up our turn later instead of the computer automatically taking over. Other than that, a great game that I highly recommend.👍🏻

Always a male

It’s a great game except for the fact that even when I change it to female, it always goes back to male.


I have no idea how to play with friends! Please help and explain how I play with my friends

Fun game

This is a fun game. I do wish that when you got 5 or more children they upgraded your vehicle so you could see all your kids. Also wish the pegs looked more like people and could be customized a bit.

So so so so so cool

I know you can’t get the levels without paying but me and my family played it on the regular board. I’ve got to say, it was really good......5 stars. It is shorter than the actual board game so like the title of my review, it is so so so so so so cool. 🤘🏻👍 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I recommend this game for family’s that like to play board games together for fun. Worth the money 💵

Perfect for family

Perfect family game for kids of all ages and a great time killer

Game of life

It is so much fun I wanted it on my iPad

Old version

Old version was MUCH better. Any detail is gone it’s just boring games and boring choices

Love it

So awesome love it

Super fun

Such a fun game for your Friends even if they’re far away and just takes your mind off things you’re doing. Super fun!

Great game

It’s a really great game to play for all ages it gives you a glimpse of what real life. Is like in s fun way the only thing I don’t like is how much the maps cost too much money.


I’ve had this game for a few weeks now. The computer cheats all the time in all different ways. If it rolls a 7 it will go 8.. If you both get the same lucky number on the wheel it will give you and the computer both the $ but if the computer lands on it only the computer will get $.. There are many other ways too!! I quit!!

I miss the old one

I miss the old version the new one is tamed down and lamer I really miss the Album of your life at the end it used to be the best part of the game. The mini games are all terrible and boring I wish there was more variety to this game like it used to be. Why would you make your game worse??

Best game to play on a road trip

I really think this game is amazing but it’s more of a play with your family on a road trip or drive I do not think this would be a game for gamers who Like to get into games but the game it self is really fun I really think you should get this for a road trip if not ,to play with your famil

This game suits me

I love winning and I love money and it’s better than the board game

Lied to me

This game is $3 so you would think that after purchasing it you would unlock the FULL game or at least most of it. But No it forces you to pay even more money to unlock everything else!!!!


I just like when you used to be able to personalize your own people ADDD THAT BACK but overall good game.

Miss the old version

This doesn't even feel like the Game of Life anymore and all the additions actually make it boring and seemingly last forever (in the worst possible way).

I lLike The Game

I really like this game, I have never had the old edition so I have no clue what it was, Maybe make some worlds more cheaper and maybe add more stuff to the game. Thanks Hasbro Gaming!!

Love it

On my first round I won!! I love this game so much!! If you want to play the original it’s free, and they have other versions of this game(but it does cost money). I love this game so much!!!!!


I think that it is good because it’s such a fun game just it’s not free?!?!

Awesome game love it

I got the game from a raffle and love it!!!!!!!! Thanks for an amazing ipad game for board

Good but need to update!

It’s fun, but they need to issue some better updates. For example, it’s not rendered for the iPhone X. Also, I liked the older version better, where you could get avatars that actually looked like humans and they showed the picture montage at the end.

Ok on the X

Most games are now fully functional on x but this still isn’t !:/

What's the deal?

Thank you for allowing players to create different family dynamics. This was a great enhancement. A few questions.. Why do you allow someone to have two blue pegs, but when you choose the family path a female wig is placed on one of them? Why can't two blue pegs have a family? 2018?


Me and my friends played this all night

Game keeps crashing

I have no issues if I play the computer, but EVERY TIME I play against real people the game crashes on me and kicks me out completely. Very disappointing for a game I paid money for. I hoped the recent update would’ve fixed the problem, but I was wrong.

Amazing way to pass time

So much fun to play by far my favorite game

I love this game!!!

I love this game!!! I bought the game bundle and this one is my favorite! I like that you can marry any gender and that you can play with friends. I think the themes are a nice touch but I wish they were free. The mini-games are fun and over all I can’t stop playing this! I recommend it to gamers who like laidback games. This is a fun stroll through life with loads of room for opportunity and change.

Disconnects from server constantly

Friend and I tried to play this on the couch together but neither her Samsung nor my iPhone could stay connected. It boots you from the game as far as we could tell since we could not pick up where we left off. Total waste of $3 for less than 3 minutes of “play.”

This game is so much fun!

This game is so cool. I wanted the real board game but I couldn’t have it, so I was looking on the intranet on mobile versions for the game of life, and I found this game and I thought to myself, this would be a really fun game. Then I started playing it and, it was so much FUN! Whenever i’m bored I play this, so it prevents me from eternal boredom. So I would really recommend this game, to those of you that can’t have the real board game, so then you could just play on the mobile version. Thank you for reading this review, bye!

Computer always wins

I played against the computer 7 times in a row and the computer won every single time 😡

Triple charged

I love the look and layout of the game but when I tried to download it for my 3 kids I got charged 3 more times for the game even though I have family share set up

Fun, and great with friends and family!!

I had a lot of fun playing this game. I just downloaded it and it is a very enjoyable game. I played alone so it was a little more on the boring side. But I’m sure if you play with your friends and family, you’ll have a even better time!! The 3d models are awesome, and I love the action cards. In the end, I think you should buy this game. Or, you can buy the REAL board game, you decide. This would have been 5 stars if you made it so you can add usernames, and such. So you can identify each other. Anyway I love this game, and I hope others do as well!!

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

Dear, marmalade games if you have read the comments most people love the game but wish you never changed it back to the old update which had human like people I know you want it to be more like the game but well you ask us on your game to rate you and well give the people what they want if I may say p.s I’m sorry for not using punctuation when I write I flow and I forget to put correct punctuation p.p.s I LOVE your game I have the actual game and the virtual one

Paid Money for the app and requires additional purchases for any decent game play.

Ridiculous that they charge for this app and you get the most basic features, and they ask for even more money to get any real game play out of the app. Brutal.


Because when i first tried to get it didn’t work and I got it in may and I kept trying to get it it finally worked in July so I just got July 1st


The game moves to slow and should be shorter. Overall I had I fun time but it was boring!!👎


I really love this game but the price for another land is expensive if I’m paying $3 for the game itself everything else should be free this game last a long time giving me something to do but expensive lower the prices and I would highly recommend

Very displeased....

My wife has a android phone and update 2.08 is on her phone this is still 2.07. It is frustrating because I can no longer play this game with her. I’m very frustrated hope this is fixed

I am Disappointed

When I saw there was a new version of The Game of Life I was pumped but only to find out that I needed to buy the cool avatars and vehicles with real money also I always get stuck when it keeps on saying that I can get x5 action cards and it won’t let me keep on playing. Other then those problems I love the game for what little bit I have been able to play

Very fun

Great graphics and fun customization. I do have to say that they charge way to much to buy the small updates. Overall great game for the family.


I know you’re supposed to get double paydays when you land on that spot as opposed to passing it by so you guys need to fix that, the computers basically always pick other computers for mini spin to win games so fix that too, make it possible to click your icon or stuff at the bottom to get an overview of everything you have (see # of kids, loans, action cards, houses) while you’re still playing. It’s okay so far I guess, but those things are really bothering me.

Boss game

Best game ever!!!!!

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