The Game of Life App Reviews

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My opinion

I think this game is good because I like how you get married you see them walking out or when you graduate you see them walk out. It is kinda competitive and fun to play online. Also you don’t have life’s or hearts to spend

I love the game!

This is the best game I have ever played!!!!!!!! I don’t care if other people don’t like it!

Older version was better

This game is fun to pass the time, but I wouldn’t consider it good enough to pay for any of the extras. I had the older version, which I liked so much better. One thing I really dislike in this version is that they repeat the yellow space cards. It just seems lazy to me, and it’s boring when I get the same card 3 times from three different spots on the board. I do enjoy the mini games though.


I love this game and I can’t stop playing it! Stop 🛑 Drop 👇🏻 And play the virtual game of life

Facebook connectivity issues

I love the game BUT every time I try to sign into my Facebook it simply reloads the page after I have given my information.

Good game!

I love this game and I play it with my sister all the time!! Good job!

This version makes no sense...

In what world do you get paid 100k for “getting dizzy at a ball”? It seems that every action gives you money.. “you and your friends are stranded on an island, spin to see who wins 70k!” I mean what is this?? The original game was about the “difficulties of life”.. paying taxes.. car insurance etc.. you went through “life”. I just don’t understand..

Not bad

Don’t regret this game at all

Great game

It is a very good game but there should be better and more things to do and also make the app 1.00$ I’m not getting worked up but I’m just mentioning some improvements


I would like to see more life like players. It pegs sense it is a electronic game

Miss the old version

I got a new phone a while back and lost the game from my phone. It wasn't until a few days ago where I remembered about the game and re-downloaded it only to find its completely different. Change isn't always a bad thing, but in this case, it is... first of all, there's countless different features and additions to this version which is great.. if you didn't have to pay for every single one of them. Second, this version is rid completely of the classic game of life everyone knows and loves unlike the old version which reminded me just of the real game and brought back countless childhood memories. This new version is nowhere near as much fun as the real game like the old one was. I also find the game play kind of "busy" and confusing if that makes sense. I won't pay for different worlds to play in, but I would pay the classic version if I could. Some way to play that game again would be amazing.


Great board and virtual

It’s ok

Fun game to pass the time. Would be better with actual humans instead of pegs.

Way better

I Per for this one because of all the fun activities that they have like traffic and statues and all those fun games

Brings Me Back To My Childhood

I used to LOVE playing “The Game Of Life” board game when I was younger. But now, my siblings being 27 and 20, and myself being 22, my brother and sister aren’t always up to play board games anymore! Haha. I just stumbled upon this app to the game today and I was so excited!! I figured why not get it?! And of course I purchased the “season pass” which means I unlocked every type of board you can play on, such as winter land, safari, Halloween, birthday, etc etc. it’s more than worth the $19.99 to me! Think about it on the app you can play anywhere and anytime!! And you get DIFFERENT BOARDS!! In the store you pay $19.99 for the classic game but that’s all. And don’t get me wrong I LOVE sitting down to play the original game! But this app is second best to that! I love it!! I just played the classic game board and I can not wait to play the rest! Definitely worth the $2.99 to purchase AND the $19.99 for all the board versions. Great game 5 Stars from me! Wish I could give it more!! :D

Best game ever

I think it's cool to start your life over again and you have to have more money than other people to win and all the games like money grabber is the best but you should have coins get 2 coins every 30 minutes and it cost 1 coin to play game like risk but other wise I give it 5 stars

Don’t bother playing solo

Played solo with 3 of the in game computers and rolled a 1 or 2 each time. Didn’t leave college till the other players were in the $1000 range with families and houses and never hit above $150, not fun and super unfair.

Great game

Actually didn’t want to pay for this game at all at first but I’ve been literally playing it every day now lol

Good game

I like This game because it’s fun to play

Keeps on crashing

It crashes in the middle of good games.. Plz fix before I report and sue. It’s really annoying and disgusting. Fix that.

I love this App!

This app is totally amazing. I use it all of the time and is great when you’re bored. I love that you don’t have to have someone around to play because you can play with a computer. The only thing is it’s annoying how you can’t listen to music while you are using the app.

It’s ok

I think the original one is much much better, can I still buy it? And why is this one money the other one is free.


There are only two available genders and this triggered me. Please add all the OTHER genders to this game or my family is DONE with Hasbro.

Paid 2.99 for it to keep freezing

Love this game, had the older version but it wouldn’t work anymore. So bought this one, paid 2.99 for it to constantly freeze up, loading issues. Have to exit the game and start over... it’s not fun at all

Good game but missing some things for the price

This is still a fun game to play, but it is also missing some key things from the old one. I don’t like the mini games and I think the DLC is way to expensive. Also I miss being able to have 6 players at once now you can only have 4. And buying a house you may make it through the whole game without buying a house because you have To hit the spaces on the board that are really spread out. But still is a fun game.


It's fun the money is for sure worth it


Fun game, doesn't take too long. Perfect for playing with the family.


This game is far from the first one. The first one was great but then they deleted that one and gave us this crappy one. It’s so boring and I want the old one back.

Bring back the old free app

This app gets a F!!! I like the old version. I would have happily paid more for it and I’m vary disappointed that I paid for this crap. The blame is on me for not checking it out before I bought it! This is more like MARIO party. I’m sooooooo not happy 😢

Great but can be pricey

This game is packed with features, for a price. We didn’t mind spending the extra money, however, it would have been nice to get all the features for the same price as the regular board game. But no complaints. The whole family loves it.

Game of life


Better than the old one

I always play this game whenever I can!! It’s super fun

so much fun

I love to play board games but sometimes it’s too much of a hassle to get everything out to just play one round. with this app it’s so much easier and more fun to play! I highly recommend!

Keeps crashing

The app will crash in the middle of my game. This is extremely frustrating, and it has happened to 2/3 games I’ve played today. Please fix.

Great until..

I loved this game until I get a call and it says I lost connection and it won’t ever reconnect. Even if I don’t answer the call it boots me from the game..I want my money back!!

Look please

Get it it’s Worth it sooooo good love it😸

Amazing game

This game is awesome, and is addicting AND fun and I think that everyone should play it 🧐😃😄😁😉


It’s just not playable with computers you spend 99 percent of your time waiting for the retarded computers to go. Don’t waste your time or money on this trash.

One Of My Favorite Games Of All Time!

This is one of my favorite games of all time! I have bought the board game aswell! This is so addicting and so much fun! 10/10

Life's game

When I got the game life I could barely take my eyes off of it.To me this app has every up side to it, and I recommend this game. 🙂


Always says i lost connection with game in the middle of a game and its annoying

Fun but wonky

I miss when it was 3D looking people instead of the pegs. It's impossible to play online because every time I do, I lose connection halfway through the game. I noticed other players would lose connection too, so it's not my internet. I hope the online portion can be fixed for me to change my rating.


This game is so great because I don’t have to many people to play with, but I can just play with AI 👍👍👍😀😀😀

Old is gold

I really like the old version better. It was so much more interactive. Please bring it back :(

Too many glitches

I liked the old version better. I wouldn’t mind his one as much if the game didn’t crash every five minutes. I paid for an app that I can’t even play.


👍 nice


I will say I enjoy the game, but I noticed it isn’t as fun with the pegs.

Didn’t like, waste of money.

Was very disappointed with the game. Want my money back.


My wife and i wanted to buy the board game from the store but decided to try the app. The app is awesome and still a ton of fun.


I enjoy playing.

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