The Game of Life App Reviews

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Remember this game

I really enjoy this game when I was a kid and now as an adult! The game of Life has bring back many fond memories, great vivid colors and love this classic version brought to the new technology.

I don’t like this version

I don’t like anything about it.I miss the old version. I liked when your characters looked like people.

Miss old game

I miss the old version. Idk if i will even continue to play. The mini games are dumb and if they wanted to make it more like the board game this aint it honey

Love it

Love the old version but love the new version.



Glitches in Online Mode

It says I'm not connected, when I clearly have internet. It's obnoxious. Otherwise great, good graphics

Could be a lot better for 3$

There’s only like 5 careers to choose from in the full game not the fast pace version and the game keeps saying I lose connection for no reason and quits the whole game that I’m in.

Awesome I’m obsessed

I literally can not stop playing this is my new favorite app right now and I love the board game too! I am rating it a 5!

Get rid of the minigames

The new game is over complicated and not as fun as the original


I was sooo excited to play this game !! :( it glitches so much and takes forever to load. Waste of $2 really.

Good but I accidentally got it

Hey I bought it on accident so I went ahead and played it for a little bit it was really fun but can I please have my money make apple or game Company.



Best game ever!!!!😀

🤩O.M.G BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! But I wish you could play together on multiple devices 😕 But otherwise.....BEST GAME EVER 😀 Thank you 😊 (And yes,I love emojis 😋)

Game crashes

Game crashes. Randomly closes out.


This is an amazing game that’s almost an exact remake of the board game. It’s amazing keep up the good work.

Playing against computer

Horrible just rubbish 😡😡😡😡 !!! When you play against the computer it cheats I hate it so much. So if you are going to play against the computer then don’t expect to win.

Relaxing and challenging

The game of life is very enjoyable to play with friends and family, I just finished a game with my friend and it was hilarious, challenging, rage inducing, but nonetheless it was fun! Great game.

So long

It was fun but took a little too long but this was my first time so I’ll try it again and see what happens it’s so fun with three people it was super good but yeah

Soooo Borrrrrring!

OMG! What happened to the cute, nice to play version? Why does almost EVERY turn have to end with a mini game or a spin to win game? They don’t that’s why! Oh, but they do... the game is just tedious.


It is a good app it is just I wish you didn’t have pegs as characters if you have tech use it it is boring having a peg! Also the online game people go AKF a lot then you are stuck waiting for them

Best game ever

I really love this game I play it on my free time. Super fun my favorite game ever I love it so much


They could update back to the old version with human players and also update for the iPhone X

This game is amazing in every single option sent

Online or local this game is great

No IAP sync?

I recently made the transition from Android to iOS as my primary mobile operating system. Buying this app again wasn’t an issue for me (I knew I’d need to pay again for certain games anyway) but I’m very dismayed to find none of my IAPs for boards & game piece packs have synced between the two versions, especially with my Facebook account signed in to both versions. Marmalade’s Clue/Cluedo game syncs IAPs seamlessly between its 3 versions — why not The Game of Life, too?

Was the shittiest game I’ve ever played

Honestly this game has the worst design I’ve ever seen, I can hardly even get it to function. I’d give it no stars but I want to be certain the stars are register so one star it is. Don’t waste ur money ppl.

So good

I think this game is so fun and good and I love when you play with other people and sometimes it is challenging that’s what make it fun for me and sometime games are annoying but this one isn’t and I love the name of it it sound so good and quit interesting yah and I love hasbro games they are so good all of themI LOVE GAME OF LIFE!

It’s a good game!!!

I love this game I am addicted I play it on really long car rides it is really great you should get it!!!

No auto save

There is no auto save for online games. If you are playing a game with your friend online, you can’t leave the app to text them or look at Facebook for a second. It’s quite annoying and I only bought this app to play with my friend!

Kicks me off ☹️

I love this game so much! But I can’t get on to it anymore. Every time I click on the app to try to play it just shows me the Hasbro logo and then sends me back to the home screen. I used to love this game, but now I can’t even play.


Would like to see an iPhone X update, the game screen is very small compared to the iPhone screen. Other than that the game is nice.

A waste of $3

I regret wasting money on this game. Older versions were SO much better.

Wonderful Old School Game

This is a wonderful old school game but the only issue is that when you choose to play online you HAVE TO play with four players. I would love it if the developers can alter this because you will be waiting a LONG TIME for a fourth player to join! (I waited a hour and half!!)...In the real game you have that option to play with two, three or four players. Please try to fix this so I can play with my son who lives in Florida and kick his butt! Thank you in advance 😁

Addictive Fun

Addictive fun for young and old. Nice way to bond with kids. I love the comment/question cards.

Not at all better

The previous version was user friendly and fun. This new game only goes to 4 ppl layers and they can't be named. The pegs aren't as fun as the people before. The older version also seemed more like the game and we had more control than this one. A waste of money.

So fun!

Thoroughly enjoyed this game with my 9 y/o son! Graphics are great.


I love it!!💖💖 it is so much fun!!! I just bought it and I love it! I haven’t noticed anything bad in it. But the computer is always a boy peg?.. And I preferred when they looked more like humans but it is still awesome!

Good game

Really good game when your bored and you got nothin to do🤩

No new version just old version

The old version was better


Not even half as fun as the original version


Pretty fun butt you cant play v the Ai

I want the old version back!

I want the old version back. It was much more similar to the actual board game. The new version is more boring and unlike the actual game. It’s easy to understand and has no technical problems, but two stars because it is unlike the real game.

I love it

This game is awesome and I love playing it and on the go when I do not need just the board game to play 😝😜

Game glitches

Whenever I enter a game, my screen keeps going black. I tried other games to see if it was my phone but it wasn’t. Please fix as I love this game and would like to be able to play without any trouble.

Miss the old

I love jt. To exspensive- greets game

Mini games

I wish there was more mini games

I really enjoy it!

I enjoy the options and different board themes as well😊

Best game ever!!!

This is the best game ever! I really enjoy playing it with my friends/family. I think 2.99 is worth it! Thanks for the game!!!

Love It!

I love this game! Reminds me of my childhood👍

iPhone X

No iPhone X support with the screen being designed to work with the iPhone 8,7,6 and plus versions.

The old version is better

I like this version of life but I liked the old one better it’s just in the old version there weren’t pegs they looked more like humans and I don’t usually like the pegs because if you’re a girl like me wouldn’t you want to be a different color then pink!! I mean I like the color yellow and you need to be the color pink! You know girls can like blue and boys can like pink right?? Well anyway every time I play with computers the computers are always male. why? Can’t you guys switch it up a little!? And my last thing is why is every theme 3$ I mean why isn’t it 1$ this is coming from someone that has a hole bunch a money but still why does it need to be 3 bucks it should definitely be 1$ I mean let me get this straight: I think all the themes aren’t that cool and you just play the game with a theme I mean it’s like not that cool. It doesn’t deserve to be 3 hole bucks!! I guess that’s just my opinion. It’s not a bad game though 👍👍🙂.

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