The Game of Life App Reviews

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Terrible app

Actually paid money to use this app and updated to the full version, only to have it crash all the time! It crashes during the online play with other players but not on local play. Please fix it!

Good, but...

I would rather listen to my own music while playing, which you can't do.

MUSIC keeps pausing!

I want to be able to listen to my own music but this game keeps pausing it. SO annoying!

Always disconnects

I still have yet to complete a full multiplayer online game. Always disconnects, and no I dun have WiFi problems. I really only downloaded the game for the online feature so I can play with other ppl.

Awesome Game!

This game is SO fun to play I play this almost everyday! I recommend this game a lot. Same as Monopoly! It's worth the money!

fun but...

So me and my brother play this game a lot, but we keep having to restart the whole game. It’s not fun for us when we have to do that all because it says waiting or it’s loading. it’s annoying


I have bought this game and one of my family members bought the $20 pass and we are linked to the same account and when we tried to play the game with one of the purchased maps and it did not work. Please fix this.

Needs more mini games

Not fond of traffic jam tbh, fun game tho


I love it

Amazing 😊

I love actually interacting with people for once I would also like you to add a bigger/longer board


Great game

Good but...

It’s a good game but sometimes I get is bit board but I thought the computer is always going to win but I win sometimes

The game of life

I love the game of life and I just can't seem to stop playing!

Mini games within the game are... meh

The game is cool, and The updates are great- but the mini games are times consuming and kinda... not my cup of tea, and if there is a way to turn them off, I haven’t figured it out. And they hassle you till you rate them which gets old..


The original version is much much better. Every one that I know that has the new version and that’s 6 people hate the new one. What about putting the old one back up for sale? Much more fun!

No rejoin

So when your game crashes anytime throughout a game, you can’t rejoin the game you were just playing. I load the game right back up when it crashes and there is no rejoin ability. I have the iPhone SE so I know it wasn’t my phone’s fault

Play with a friend doesn’t work

This promises the ability to play with a friend but doesn’t deliver thus limiting multiplayer to random people. The function seems like it should be there but doesn’t work. I emailed the company to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong and they haven’t responded, it’s been 3 days.

Fun and entertaining

Great version fun for all. You can very easily lose track of time playing without even trying.😎

Wonder years

Same game as when I was a child but with a twist....WOW what a memory grabber.

Love this game

Absolutely love this game. So much fun to play! Just like the board game.


I found a bug where you ask it to be a two player game and it ends up being a three player game instead too... I’m using a Silver Wi-Fi Only 128 GB iPad Air running iOS 11.1.2.



I hate this board game

I find the phone app so much more entertaining and enjoyable than the actual board game. First time playing, I played it all the way through and came in second place. Really fun app!!!

Game of life fun game

Very fun game

Don’t buy extra worlds

It’s the game of life! Fun game that can be played quickly with the family. Music is decent and animations enjoyable. It’s a cash grab though. Buy the game and then ask you to pay more $$ for vehicles and “worlds”. I bought those worlds and they are a joke. You get a different skinned game board, new game music, and maybe a couple new careers. That’s it. All the yellow action cards are from the base game. It’s pretty dumb to but a new TV when I’m playing on pirate world. Please make the action cards relevant to the world you are playing

Lag sometimes

It’s just when u spin the wheel it lags a lot and when I go to play a game on there it loads for 20 minuets so If u want to buy the game buy the game its not so bad It just lags and also just play online

Give me an opt out for traffic jam & other annoyances

I like playing against the computer it not the interruptions. I want to play a board game not play other sub games which I don't enjoy and am not good at. That kills your score. Also, let me chose boy or girl peg. It's always a boy. Otherwise I enjoy it.


Game was boring and I regret buying it! I want a refund 😡

Pretty good game

Good game overall. I like how it’s updated there’s no ads. I don’t like how it does not show your life book in the end.👍🏻

I rate 4 star cause...

I would like it WAY more if it was free cause the real board game is only like 5 dollars.

Love it nothing wrong with it

Love it no adds love that and that the game that I have that dose not have 0 adds

This is amazing!

I play this game with my brother a sister and we have so much fun!

I love it!

It’s the most fun version of the game I’ve played in awhile.


I do not like thir new version of the game!!! It’s all screwed up and not even fun to play They need to go back to the older version

Great game!!!

Very Fun

Love it!!!!

This game is so fun! I play it like every day. It is so funny too.

I love it

I don't usually rate game nor do I buy them no matter how little they cost. But I absolutely love this game. I loved it as a child and I played it as a board game. My daughter loves it. And most children could play it too.


It's a fun, family-friendly game.


Did not like

So much fun!

It’s worth the 3 dollars!


I totally love this remake of the classic game which I already loved

It’s entertaining but....

I definitely enjoy playing this game. However, I am connected to WiFi and I still keep getting kicked off. Or the game freezes. Or I “lose connection.” I would give it five stars (if it was a five star game experience)but... I can’t even finish the rounds I play... ya lucky ya boi gave ya 3.


Might be fun if I got through the game to the end but hasn’t happened yet. Freezes every single time I played it.

Great game but, bad glitches in play;

It really is a great game but, I do NOT like the way when in play when you have to turn your car it starts to go forward and suddenly, it starts to turn and so on. Please note that my brother SCREAMS👎 at it. So, that’s it.

If I could give zero I would

Paid money for this waste of space won’t load game rooms tell me to wait not very user friendly figuring out how to start a game I should have just threw my money in the trash rather than buy this game

Definitely worth the cost!

If your deciding to buy this or not, you definitely should! It is a fun game that always has me happy, excited, sad, or even angry! You can play with your friends online, and also your family members right next to you! Definitely is a good game that has a lot to offer. Love this! ❤️😊

Grate game

I remember my first play of board game. It was very nice. I’ve played with pleasure. It is sad that I can’t bye any exemplar in Ukraine. Here is no localization although it’s impossible to by English version.

Took my money

I bought the lifetime dlc pack and it said it was $19.99 but charged me $29.99 😡


Just downloaded and so far I am enjoying it.

Cant play full game

Has so many glitches. Tried many times but it freezes update it already!

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