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This game is very fun definitely worth the money and if you have patience this is the game for you

Not a fan of new version

The old version was much better. This game feels cold. The other version had a friendlier feel.


I rarely rate games I think this is my first game I rated ever and when I do it’s either really really really good really really really bad but this game just knocked the ball out of the park this is the best game I’ve ever played and I bet u I’ve played at least 800 or more games don’t get me wrong when I say that I have easily over 40 games on my phone this #1

Gets boring really fast

Not all that good

Update the old one

I don’t like this one. I miss the classic life! Please update the old one.

It’s ok

Ok this game is pretty good over all, but it is pretty buggy. Like when me and my friend were playing wich he was playing on the iPhone X it kicked him out of the game randomly. Weirdly the game will stop the volume sometimes which is not good. Please developer fix all of the bugs.


The new version is great I would recommend this game especially when you are board. Also, that is great you can also play by yourself, there is not a lot of games you can play by yourself.

Life Game

The best game I have is the life game. It is so fun and you can play with multiple players. So fun so go download it. 😻

Older is better

I get the extra graphics are trying to make the game look cool, however they are a waste of time. Also, the mini games? That’s not the Game of Life. They changed a lot from the original version. Definitely not worth buying this.

Miss The Old Version

The old version of this app, which more closely followed the classic game of LIFE, was way better. I would pay money to have the old version of that app back for sure... what a disappointment.

Best game ever

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's pretty fun

It's a good game to play in my free time but the new update was really upsetting..

Good game to play,but.....

Good game to play, but the in-app purchases should not be so much.


Boom that game was awesome

Gear fun.

All you’d expect and then some.

Love it

I like the pegs!! Makes me still feel like I am playing the original game. I like the layout, just wish that other “boards” were cheaper or free


Old Version is much more entertaining and fun!!! ALSO it used to be free

Pay to pay

You pay to buy the game, then open the app to find you have to spend more real money to play at all!

Game of life

Reminds me of the board game where you get to spin awesome game well worth it

Your app doesn’t work

Your app literally does not work. It will not swipe to let me pay for things. The functionality is so terrible. I want my money back immediately.

Game of life

I like how u have mini games with it and it’s so much fun with characters and it’s 3D

Ellie-love Beagles

This game is awesome you can play on line or play a Different mode so you should take this game is like the best game in the world makes you describe a Allie loves bagels

Love This Game

I love it. It’s so much like the real game in my opinion. It’s fun and the graphics are good.

Went way overboard

Stick to the CLASSIC board game format—-I just wasted 2.99 on something that just plainly disappoints.

In-app purchases don’t work. Boring waste of money.

Really disappointed the in app upgrades do not work in my game. I paid for the base game and after getting bored with the same old options, i purchased a world upgrade. I can customize my car and profile but no career cards or other perks of paying an extra $4 for the upgrade. Thinking i purchased an upgrade without those extras (because what is included disappears after you buy it) i purchased a second upgrade that included career cards and other fun add ins. Nope. Waste of $10 for a boring game and paid upgrades that don’t work.

Original Game

This new version is atrocious!!! It needs to be like the original board game. The mini games are ridiculous, GET RID of them and bring back the original. I wasted my money!!!!! My rating of 1 star is 1 too many, I wish I could give it a negative score.


I can’t even play because it has to be updated to be playable on iOS 11.



Bring back the 2012 version of the game

The online game of life game I played was the 2012 version I first played the 2012 version when we went to chilies to eat lunch there and I played the game of life and it was alot of fun that I install it on my iPad till you removed it and reinstalled it with this. It does not feel the same anymore. Please bring the 2012 version back please hasbro

Good game but themes need some work

ALL of the houses are the same in each theme and so are some of jobs. The whole point of the themes is to have some variety especially when we pay for it. Kind of disappointed... and apparently there used to be better characters. The pegs are pretty lame but can still be an option for people who want it to look like the classic game.


I am VERY disappointed that I sat here and paid for the apps to be the lowest version with so many barriers. It’s like paying full price for the lite version or a sampler app. They nickel and dime the heck out of you for the good stuff. Also, sure it’s multiplayer but what good is multiplayer without the ability to communicate, chat with, and taunt the other players on the board? A good idea would be to have parental controls that keeps the concept of only using the emojis but dang. I’m an adult and I would like to be able to interact with the other players. Now back to the nonsense about the perks. You get NOTHING but the bare minimum for the price the average person would pay for a whole lot more. And what the heck? You can’t get a house unless you land on the house space? How does this compare to the original version of the game? I also almost NEVER win. This is ridiculous. Unless y’all change things, I want my money back. What kind of crap is this where you charge someone $35.99 for anything in these games. Also, where are the rules? I want to be able to share this game with my kids but I can’t for two reasons. 1. You don’t have the rules easily accessible and clear. 2. When you click local, it crashes. Y’all need to fix that. Also, allow local on WiFi instead of having to pass the device back and forth. What if I want to play with someone in another room in my own house? What if I don’t want to pass my 12.7 inch iPad pack and forth with my kids? Y’all have some major work ahead of you. PLEASE IMPROVE BOTH GAMES!!!! Hire me as a tester. I’ll make sure you profit reasonably AND the customers are satisfied. I have ideas.


It's worth the money


Love the new version!


Wow this game is awesome it’s so cool it’s just like a life but you cannot babies and you can get married and you can get money nothing and it is what it supposed to do in a real board game it’s so awesome I cannot believe that people made this whoever made this I’m sending you awesome feedback😎🤩


I don’t like the but I like the game it is a fun game.

Absolutely disappointing

This game would be great if I didn’t roll a 3 6 times in a row and a 10 every time I can’t move more then one block to be stopped plus it’s kinda ridiculous to charge $3 for an app that was 99c then when you open it you have literally the bare minimum content required to play the game everything else you have to pay for where every map is $3.99 plus every other option but lucky for you they set up a season pass for only $19.99 which they clams to be over a 50% savings, just an fyi Walmart’s website sells this game for $13.44 who in there right mind would pay over $6 more for digital content rather then the whole physical set


The makers of the game, really need to go back to the older version!! It’s all screwed up and not fun to play anymore.

Great game, awful players

I've loved this game since childhood, from the board game to the digital. Great graphics, great gameplay, however, when playing live with multiplayers, players can't seem to commit to a full game! I know circumstances are different for all, but a lot of times it seems it's because of a bad score/losing. Don't know. Love the game though.

Good, but old version is better

I absolutely love this game but I like the old version a lot better. The only thing in the updated version is the pegs(which I don’t really like) It is still fun but I don’t like how you have to have WiFi to play, or some other internet connection. In the other version, you could play it wherever, whenever. This game is still amazingly fun and awesome, but the update was not very necessary.


It’s fun in all but takes forever to load but I miss the old verison when they used people please make those again

Miss the old version

Old versus was da bonmb

Horrible Game

I love the game of life but this version is terrible. Why did they ruin a classic game by making it so politically correct. Don’t get this game if you are looking for the true classic version like it used to be.

Great Game, Nostalgic Vibes!

Played this game with my husband. We we’re bored had nothing to do and I just asked if he’d be interested. Immediately we jumped in and had a great time. He downloaded the app to his device and we are definitely going to keep playing. Love this game. The original pegs allows for traditional feel and the option to choose gender and spouse is a plus nowadays. Great work! Great graphics.

Having a great time

I am having a great time with this new version. I think it is well worth the three dollar fee. Graphics make the game a lot of fun and the ability to play online players adds to the excitement. I want downfall is that I do miss the old pieces. Some of the negatives: limited free pieces, the “option” of buying a home, and the modern marriage concept.

really fun

i think this app is really great. it is really worth the money. you can play with someone else, or a computer generated person. if you ever get bored you can play an actual game. so fun, totally recommend it!


The game is pretty good. I haven’t had any glitches or anything, but I wish there were more of the little games and they came up more often. That’s the best part. Good overall though.

Such a waste of money. Don't buy it

The game is OKAY, but what really pisses me off are its micro transactions. We paid for the game and on top of that we need to pay more for just skins and to unlock different features? Like come on, when you charge this much for a mobile game st least give everything instead of removing content and charging your customers for it.

I liked the old version

The old version was better because you could personalize your characters and you had the chance to play with more people (and more colors). The fancy updated board is nice but I prefer the simple old board that’s pretty much the same as the actual game. The new thing where you have to tap the money to pay is annoying, also the “action spaces” are annoying because you get the same things most of the time. The spinner is too sensitive, and it’s hard to spin... I want the old version back

In app purchases

When I first bought this game and started playing it was pretty fun, but then I reloaded to really boost the way you play the game you needed in app purchases. After spending money buying the game I thought I would get the whole game but there was a hole in the game. Don’t buy unless your willing to continue the purchases.


Nice concept

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